Cold-Sterilization Disposal.

Ethylene oxide has proved to be a powerful agent for cold sterilization.

Ethylene oxide is used for sterilization of one-use medical goods and for re-sterilization of high-grade medical instruments (e.g. endoscopes). Cold sterilization by using ethylene oxide is a reliable method to kill even multi-layer nests of germs inside of thermolabile instruments.

On the other hand ethylene oxide is explosive and its emissions are toxic. For this reason the permission to erect and operate cold-sterilization plants is tied to strict standards concerning disposal of ethylene oxide. Unfortunately it was hard to achieve these standards by traditional methods.

VIG®-Gas-Wet-Washing-Process has been developed to solve this problem. VIG®-Gas-Wet-Washing-Process allows an uncompromisingly complete disposal of ethylene oxide after cold sterilization.

More about the features of Cold-Sterilization Disposal by applying VIG®-Gas-Wet-Washing-Process.