Ethylene oxide is a versatile chemical substance.
As an intermediate product ethylene oxide is used for large-scale production of ethylene glycol, ethylene amines, ethylene ether and surfactants. As an end product it is used for disinfection and sterilization of medical goods.

On the other hand ethylene oxide is a dangerous agent.
It is explosive, it can decompose, and it tends to polymerization as well. It is toxic, carcinogen, and mutagen. Therefore emissions of ethylene oxide pose a danger both to health and environment.

Wherever or for whatever purpose ethylene oxide is used:

In every case disposal of residual ethylene is indispensable.
In some cases use of ethylene oxide failed because of enormous expenditure for proper disposal. In other cases compromise on technical expenditure and effluent ethylene oxide was made. And quite common application processes of ethylene oxide had to be adapted to the requirements of disposal. Compromises like that belong to the past.

Now VIG®-Gas-Wet-Washing-Process is available.
VIG®-Gas-Wet-Washing- Process
allows uncompromisingly complete disposal of ethylene oxide at acceptable costs and acceptable technical expenditure.
VIG®-Gas-Wet-Washing- Process adapts disposal of ethylene oxide to its application and not application of ethylene oxide to its disposal.
VIG®-Gas-Wet-Washing- Process makes application processes of ethylene oxide more safe, more clean, requires less expenditure, and in some cases it  is the only way to get rid of ethylene oxide adequately.